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dewdrop-9781620106891_hrDewdrop is an adorable little axolotl living in the pond and having so many good friends! Soon, the pond’s sports fair is going to take place and Dewdrop is preparing his cheer leading routine as his task for the fair. But he is not the only one participating in the sports fair. His friends are as well. Mia is the weightlifting turtle, Newman is the musical newt and three minnows who love to cook and will provide for the fair.

Everyone is excited to be part of the fair and so is Dewdrop. His friends however get anxious as the day approaches. They put more pressure on themselves, trying to be  the best. It is up to Dewdrop to remind them that it’s all about the journey and that they should be happy with what they can achieve and not overdo it trying to become better. They should go at their own pace and they will evolve at their own pace.

I very much enjoyed “The Tea Dragon Society” by Katie O’Neill so when I got this wonderful ARC from ONI Press I was super excited! I had every right to be, as this is a story that is again written and illustrated by the talented O’Neill. This time she creates a new world of adorable creatures around a pond. They are all so cute and so beautiful that capture the reader’s attention at once. My daughter loved the illustration and the story after I read it to her. She cannot read yet, but she likes to look at O’Neill’s stories, even if I’m not available to read them to her.

This story once again has some lessons to teach to the children. Dewdrop is the happy little axolotl that connects everyone in the pond. He is happy to prepare his routing for the fair, and in the meantime, during his free time he helps his friends. And this right here is one of those lessons. Try to help your friends and people around you if you can. Give to them and eventually you will get back. Give your help, your positive vibes, your time or just a good word to those that need it and some day, when you need help you will find it too. In addition, you might get something in return as a thank you, something you didn’t expected! Give, without asking for something in return, and if you do get, then it’ll be a great surprise!

Remember not to push yourself too much. Always try to become better, but do it at your own pace. You don’t need to copy other people. Only to become better for your sake. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. It won’t end up in your favor. The message is “be yourself and follow your own pace, you don’t need to be someone else”.

“Dewdrop” by Katie O’Neill is coming out in the US on April 7, 2020 by ONI Press in a Hardcover format. “Dewdrop” is available for order through Simon & Schuster. Till then you can enjoy her other stories!



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About the author:


Katie O’Neill is an Eisner and Harvey Award-winning illustrator and graphic novelist from New Zealand. She is the author of Princess Princess Ever After, Aquicorn Cove, The Tea Dragon Society, The Tea Dragon Festival, and Dewdrop, all from Oni Press. She mostly makes gentle fantasy stories for younger readers, and is very interested in tea, creatures, things that grow, and the magic of everyday life.


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