“In Five Years” by Rebecca Serle #BookReview

Georgia Kostopoulou

50093704._SY475_Dannie is a Corporate lawyer and she is doing great! The best part of her career at this point is that she has an interview with someone she admires and she really wants to work with/for, a position that will boost her further towards the top of the ladder. And just like throughout the interview, when she is asked a specific question, she has a well crafted answer at the ready. When the interview is over, she is more than certain that she has nailed it. Later on, after she has accepted her boyfriend’s marriage proposal, she goes to sleep knowing that she is on track with her five year life and career plan.

But when she wakes up, nothing is the same. She is on a different apartment, with a different ring on her finger and a very different man on her side. The television news is playing on the background and the date is visible. It is exactly the same day of the month she fell asleep, only five years later, in the future. This doesn’t feel right and at the same time it feels just right. After a whole hour spend in the future, Dannie goes back to sleep, only to wake up again in her own bed, by her fiance, back in 2020. She cannot forget what happened, even though she doesn’t really understand if that was a dream, a vision or something else. Eventually, she buries it away in the back of her mind, spending her time with her best friend Bella, her fiance and her work. Until four and a half years later, when Dannie meets that man from her vision.

The story is not what you might expect it to be. It is not another love story or how two best friends spend their time in Manhattan. It is a story full of messages and lessons to be learned. It gives more food for thought that one might expect.

Where do you see yourself “In Five Years” is a question that goes through almost all job interviews. I’ve been asked that question or maybe a similar one, I cannot exactly remember. The answer one will give to this question, shows much of their self. It shows all the plans they have made, or even the fact that they have no specific plans. It is a key for the interviewer to understand how serious a person is when they apply for a specific job and what they expect to get out of it. What are their ambitions. Dannie, our heroine, went to the interview with a predefined plan. She knew exactly where she expected to find herself both in personal life as in her professional life. She had everything figured out. She knew exactly what she wanted to do and with whom.

Only, when we make our plans, we don’t consider a small factor. Life. And what it may bring our way. Love, that takes a different form than the one it used to have. People, that we see through a different eye. Friends, that may not always be around as we expected them to be. Procrastination will eventually bring us to a difficult position, one that we never really realized how we get there, but one that we will have to clarify eventually.

“In Five Years” may sound like a light romance, but it may also bring tears to your eyes. It will for sure make you rethink some of your actions and you might even relate to it, one way or another.


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