“A Court of Frost and Starlight” by Sarah J. Maas #BookReview

Georgia Kostopoulou

I had read and loved the ACOTAR (A Court Of Thornes And Roses, which was actually a Beauty and the Beast retelling) trilogy. A Court of Mist And Fury being my favorite from the series and the one that will always be my answer to the question “Which is a sequel you liked more than the first book?”. Well, it was where I actually fell in love with Rhysand. Where I saw him for what he is. A true leader that would do everything for his people, to keep them safe and sound. And a male that respects his mate. And then there was A Court Of Wings And Ruin that almost shuttered my heart to pieces. I had heard that there was going to be another trilogy to continue the story, for which we now have a title and cover reveal and a publishing date on February 2021 (A ​Court of Silver Flames), and that there was a novella in between, a kind of linking story between the two trilogies. That novella is A Court of Frost and Starlight and of course I had to read it.

However, other novellas that I’ve read were a few pages long, a maximum of less than 100 pages, this one was more than 200 pages long, so it is a whole book and therefore I was expecting to read a whole story and to be honest, I expected to see more of Nesta and Cassian and more of Elain and Azriel (yes, Azriel!) on this one. Instead, what I got was a picture of every day life in Velaris after the war…

Sarah J Maas tried to prepare the stage for the books to come and the stories to be told, but to my humble opinion she failed miserably. Let me tell you what I mean by that.

Feyre is taking her role as High Lady seriously and she is going all over Velaris trying to help on every occasion and every organization she can. She wants to help out all those of Velaris citizens that were stricken by the war and had all so many loses. But she is just one female, she cannot do everything. But she finally finds a way to calm herself through her art, which is a positive thing and reminds us the Feyre Archeron we met in ACOTAR. Rhysand is the High Lord that oversees everything and is aware of all that happens in Prythian and the mortal lands and is trying to keep peace among all courts and lands. Cassian is now in charge of the Illyrian Army and Azriel continues to do what he does best, spying. However, this is pretty much all we get about our favorite characters.

There is no much story or character development. Elain is recovering in small steps but there no much to see of her either between her and Lucien or between her and Azriel. We only get a glimpse of the last two on the Night of Winter Solstice Celebration and that’s about it. Nesta… Who is this woman female that is supposed to be Nesta?? What happened to her? Okay, I get it. She didn’t want to become a fey, but she didn’t really have a choice and now she at least has a life, almost eternal as it might be. She has become even colder than she was. She doesn’t speak to her sisters, let alone Cassian. She lives a life of a rogue on her sister’s expenses. I would never expect that from Nesta. The Nesta that put her body in front of Cassian to protect him? How is this even going to change in the next book? Are we going to be reading how the two of them start to even look at each other on the first 400 pages?

One thing that I really disliked on this book is how blunt Rhysand and Feyre are. I thought this was a young adult book, but all I could see between those two was sex and something that involved a wall. There was so much more in their relationship in the previous books. This one felt so flat. I didn’t expect to read the f**k word so many times in this book, especially between the two of them. It just ruined it for me…

I’d rather haven’t picked this one up, but I’m glad that I have because I now have my own opinion!

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