“Christmas at Frozen Falls” by Kiley Dunbar, Narrated by Helen Duff Piazza #BookReview

Georgia Kostopoulou


I was in the mood for a rom com with a bit of Christmas mood and so I decided I needed to read this cute book and feel festive!

Sylvie Magnusson was planning to spend this holiday season somewhere beautiful enjoying her honeymoon. However she is going to spend Christmas alone and in Cheshire, as her ex fiancé, Cole, decided to dump her six months ago, but a week before the wedding! A real charm, this one! Right about when she finally decides to cancel the trip, her college friend Nari saves her for making the biggest mistake ever. Nari is not going to let her best friend spend Christmas alone and being miserable, just because her stupid ex got cold feet. So she transforms whatever that honeymoon trip was going to be, to a dream trip to the Finish Lapland! She wanted to travel there in order to see the Northern Lights, so why not do it with her best friend and do her best to cheer Sylvie up!

So, Nari asks Sylvie to pick the actual resort they are going to visit, and Sylvie realizes that Saariselka, a resort village in Northen Lapland, is the home town of Stellan Virtanen, her gorgeous Finnish ex boyfriend from her college days, before she met Nari. Sylvie remembers how great they were together, but she also remembers that one day , Stellan left England without a word and she never saw him again. So, she decides to actually visit the place, not knowing if he will be there or if there will be a chance for them to meet, after all these years. But when the two friends arrive in Frozen Falls resort they find more than snow and spa facilities. They find two beautiful men willing to show them around, they find hospitality and Husky puppies to cuddle.

I loved the friendship the two girls had. The one was always there for the other, supporting and ensuring she takes the right decision. I also liked the fact that Nari was actually a travel blogger, so we got to see some of her posts on her blog and how she described and planned everything! Sylvie grew up to be a history teacher, which made me think she was an adult with a settled mind and all. Reading the book I realized that she had not yet found herself, something she did throughout this story though!

The romance part was not so easygoing for me. I understand that Sylvie and Stellan were very cautious with the steps each of them took towards the other. It was visible that there was a sparkle there, from both sides, but not until everything was out in the open, did they left themselves free to express their feelings. And that was not all the romance we had! Nari falls for Nillo, Stellan’s friend. That romance starts really quick and lovely, the love at first sight kind. Somewhere in the middle we see it becoming cold, as they realize their differences and they are not sure how this should move forward. I wasn’t very fond of how that part progressed, but it was really cute either way!

There were different point of views in the story, which allowed for the reader to get to know more of the characters. It really added to the story itself. The narrator did a really good job bringing the story to life. I found that Nari’s voice was different when it was in her own POV than when it was in Sylvie’s POV. I cannot tell if someone else noticed it, but I would prefer it was the same all the way. One other thing that a really good idea for the audiobook, but didn’t sit well with me was the Finnish accent. I liked the fact that the narrator tried to show the difference between English spoken by British people and English Spoken by Finnish people. It was really good and useful in order to understand at once who was talking. However, it didn’t remind me the accent of my Finnish colleagues so it felt a bit strange for me.

Overall, this was a cute Christmas love story to read!

This book is expected to be published on October 31st 2021.

Thanks to NetGalley and Saga Egmont Audio for the opportunity to listen and review this audiobook. The views expressed are my personal and honest opinion.


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