“What He Revealed” by Jannat Bhat #BookReview

Georgia Kostopoulou


Earlier this year I read “What She Concealed” by Jannat Bhat and I liked it a lot. There were quite a few characters there and I was glad to get to know them all and bond. Joulian and Eliana made such a cute couple so I was up for the next book in line! Therefore, after a long time busy with work and stuff, I finally managed to dive into the second book in the Concealed series, What He Revealed.

After all the ups and downs of the first book, after finally being able to admit their true feelings to themselves, as well as to one another, they feel so good together. Now, the tricky part lies ahead. Eliana Bennett and Julian Rivera need to find the way and courage to convince Eliana’s father that the two belong together and that Julian is not the bad boy that everyone thinks him to be. Well, that’s not at all easy!

The couple believes that now that they are away from Imperial High and in New Haven University, things will get a bit more relaxed and they will be able to focus on their studies, while at the same time be able to enjoy their relationship freely. That’s how it starts but alas, it doesn’t last long! Mr. Bennett somehow finds his way to New Haven University and part of the teaching staff and he makes it pretty clear that he will protect his little girl at all cost! Even though that little girl is not that little anymore! Talking about an overprotective father!

Right when they believe they have sorted everything out, something unexpected happens. Julian is involved in an accident, leaving him with no recent memory. He has no recollection of his years on Imperial High or this past months in New Haven University. He is stuck to the time he just got his scholarship to attend Imperial High and the only person he remembers from his Imperial High time is Mr. Bennet. He doesn’t remember the girl he loved, neither the friends he made there. He doesn’t remember anything from the good or the bad times he shared with Eliana or his friends.

I liked reading about these two, finally being able to admit their feelings and sharing their love with their friends! It was so good to read about how they evolved and matured in a way, not only Julian and Eliana, but the whole gang! Moving on to University, growing up, shows in the story and their reactions as well here. Their true character doesn’t change though, which means that Eliana remains the impulsive girl she was on book 1, putting family above all and trying to ensure the important people in her life don’t get hurt. Julian on the other hand was his usual self. For the first part of the book, he was so much into Eliana he could not stand himself if he didn’t see or hear from her in a while. He came a bit over possessive at times, but it somehow sounded sweet.

It was such a fast read this one! The love story and all the things that kept happening all the time had me wanting to read more! There is no way that you are going to skip paragraphs or pages with this one. It reads so easily and so fast that will have you engaged till it ends!


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