“Le souffle du jasmin” by Gilbert Sinoué

“Le s19243799ouffle du jasmin”, (Inch’ Allah #1) or in English “The Breath of Jasmine”, is a book about Palestine, the Arabs and the Jewish and how things become as they are today. It is a book full of information unknown to young people and most people nowadays actually. This is how the western world brought all this hatreds upon itself, all this pain and misery to middle east, all this suffering to so many people across the glob. This is how the western world created jihad warriors all over the Arab world!

The story goes on through the turbulent years 1916 – 1956. Her majesty’s forces occupy a great district of the east and so is the French ones, while in shorter area. Egypt is under their rule, so is Palestine, Iraq, Syria and most of the surrounding area.The Arab world is living under the westerners’ rules, bearing under the western habits, so different to theirs, watching their fellow countrymen starving, while the Englishmen made money and appointed kings that would be adjacent to them.

In Egypt, Muslims and Christians were living along. So did some Jewish people as well. Same picture in Palestine. There were friendships between people of the different religions and they were all living together. The Arabs though this land to be their home, as they have been living there for ages. The rest were only visitors, but they were good to have them, as long as the would not bother them.

With the Balfour Declaration things only got worse in the area. More or less, Balfour decided and agreed with the Zionist Jewish people their transfer to the land of Palestine, the land they were cast from. The promise to return to the holy land would be fulfilled but not bloodless.

The Zionists would not settle for the kibbutz that were already in place. They have created 50 or so villages overnight! The peasants woke up one day not able to stare the horizon from their yard as yesterday, because a whole village was there! All this overnight! The Zionists knew that in order to succeed their mission and abandon that land once again, they had to be fast in settling down.

Then, when things got bad, His majesty’s army would not interfere and finally would ask the Zionist to abandon Palestine once again.

With this fascinating book, Sinoue shows how few people’s arrogance has sank the whole middle east in pain and misery.


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