“Grand Opening” by T.F. Pruden

32602251Set in western Canada in the nineteen eighties, “Grand Opening” is a tale of three men pursuing their dream of owning their own restaurant. The book intents to shed some light to the inner self of men. This is an answer to what happens to a man that buries his emotions and sensitivity deep inside, not letting anyone see his true thoughts. It is about how far from reality one can be, when consumed in own assumptions. It also about how much can be earned of hard work and devotion.

Rene owns a very successful trunking business. Lately he has come to acquire the restaurant hosted in the Marlene Hotel, owned by a dear friend. The restaurant has yet to be successful, while Rene’s ambitions in the hospitality field is what drives him towards success. Therefore he decides and partners with two of the most hard working and highly qualified people for the job.

Wayne is working on the constructing business, after a long attempt to run his own nightclub led to a failure. Nonetheless, he is very passionate with the hosting business overall, so he is thrilled to here Rene’s proposition. He becomes the manager of the restaurant, working on several activities, from hiring stuff to renovation, with the same passion and enthusiasm. His abilities and the results he drives impress his fellow partners and he ranks high on their esteem.

Maurice, who now becomes Rene’s partner, is a prep chef in the most successful restaurant in town. Though he has been working in several different positions within a kitchen, he was never the head chef on any establishment. This is what he is requested to do for the new partnership. Maurice has only been sober for one year now. He has not managed to acquire the chef’s degree due to his font of the cooking alcohol available in the school and any other cooking facility. He has now a low self esteem and cannot position himself rightly among his colleagues. It is not a surprise to the reader that he is caught out guarded when the head chef that employees him, speaks so much of his talent and abilities. Due to all the above factors, the tall chef finds the stake too high for him. This is when there is a turn of unexpected events.

It is a very interesting book to read. It goes on to some weeks, from the partnership to the opening. The characters are strict to their personality and they are quite interesting too. As it is located in Canad, there is the French accent that plays a significant role in the prose. Pruden goes into full throttle with it, which may become uncomfortable for the reader. The author goes into a lot of detail, describing everything from the clothes warn to the very detail of the restaurant renovation. This could come tiring the reader that would prefer more action.

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