“The Jakkattu Vector” by P.K. Tyler

31393528“The Jakkattu Vector” is a Science Fiction story of what could be after humanity has almost destroyed earth and aliens saviors have already come to the rescue. How much of saviors are they? How willing is man to believe to a higher power that would fix all mankind wrongs? Would that possibly be the future of our planet if we keep walking the same destroying path we are? What could happen to humans that blindly believe whatever is served to them? Where should this world end, if we don’t fight for nothing? If we swallow in whatever the few speak of, without questioning? Where would our own lies lead us? To freedom or slavery? To life or death? These are only a few of the questions that come to the readers mind while going through this wonderful story.

Humans have reached a point where Earth cannot easily host them. The atmosphere is destroyed and tox-storms hit the ground heavily, making them stay inside even for weeks. They no longer live freely in the grounds of their ancestors. They are gathered in reservations in the fear of the Undone and under rule of the Mezna, their so called saviors who are actually their captures. Only humans don’t seem to believe that. Very few of them, like the Thorne offspring, have developed their own free will and thinking.

Meanwhile, in one of the cities the Mezna have created for their hybrids, half alien – half human worshipers, Jakkattu prisoner, Sabaal, suffers constant torture and heinous medical experiments as her Mezna-priest captors seek to unlock the key to her genetic makeup. Her people have been moved from their planet to the Peritha mines, to become slaves of the Mezna. Once she finds the rear opportunity to flee, she runs for her life.

The book is full of action keeping the reader literally attached to it, never wanting to let go. It covers up many genres, under the Dystopian Sci-Fi umbrella. There is horror and political thriller and a little bit of romance pulling the strings. The writer has done a marvelous job into the characters’ creation. Even though there are plenty of them, opening different paths for the story to walk through, they all decline to the heart of the story, backing it up greatly.

The book is well written and it flows seamlessly. Tyler has the capability to visualize whatever she writes and this is really shown in the book. The reader becomes part of it and it’s story and can really see into the picture as being there, part of the action.

“The Jakkattu Vector” is book one of the Jakkattu series, released in November 2016 by Evolved Publishing. Looking crazy forward for the next inline, hoping to be a real page turner like this one!!!

Note: I received an ARC from Novel Publicity in exchange for an honest review as part of a blog tour.


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4 thoughts on ““The Jakkattu Vector” by P.K. Tyler

  1. Thanks for joining us on the tour! I loved Sabaal too – can’t wait to see what happens next! It made me feel like I was starting an epic journey, one I can’t wait to continue 🙂

    Thanks again!


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