“Tea for Two” by Kailee Reese Samuels – A Review

34663198“Tea for Two” is the second book in the SOS series. It should be read as part of the series as well, it cannot go as a stand alone. Too many unclarity of the whole story.

So, Lucas Salvatore Raniero is only 19 years old, and after his initiation in the Juliet, he is serving clients like crazy! He is learning and he is making a lot of money, so life is doing good for him! He has met the elite and he has met Mistress Pixie and starts to learn from her. Only that they get more emotionally involved than the rest of the Juliet crowd would expect. He is a sex god over there, and nobody wants to loose him!

When Kaci introduces him to her friend Bertie, there is an unexpected turn of events. Bertie is anything he would wish for, everything he ever wanted out of life. She could be the one to take him out of this life. But the Juliet crowd would not allow that, would they?

This is a story of deception, love, hate and pain. The reader has to go through the first book in the series in order to have a clue of who all these people are and how they are connected. This is a totally different world than what one can find in most erotic books out there. This is BDSM but not exactly.

There is a theme in there about sexuality and free thinking, freedom of choice and respect of people’s choices that completely demonstrates the insecurity that holds control of many free spirits out there.

Be aware, as it is a book for adults and open minded people!

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