“Bad” by Chloe Esposito

35794898Oh my God, what a mess!

I don’t know what to say about this book… Let’s start with the story, as it might help.

Alvie Knightly has an identical twin, Elizabeth, who she is not that font of, to say it politely. When Beth invites her to Italy, Alvie never expected what was about to happen. After all the fuss that took place in the first book, Beth is dead, Beth’s husband is dead, Beth’s lover is dead and Alvie is on the run with Nino, a fast car and a lot of money. But, to her bad luck, she is left alone without any of it.

After that, Alvie is trying to find and revenge Nino and become an assassin.

OK… That girl doesn’t stand a chance to get any of this! She has a lot of issues, as she floats somewhere away from reality. She is at least crazy…

The whole book is a race of bad choices, sex, drugs, alcohol, stupid thinking and even stupider acting. Everything is moving really fast. The whole thing is supposed to last a week and Alvie has done what other people would need a lifetime in less than seven days!

That girl is not thinking straight. She is supposed to have daddy issues, bad this doesn’t mean that everyone that hasn’t met their dad is expected to sleep with all men they meet and don’t have a belly and a very few grey hair! Her only choices in life are men, handsome ones at least, posh clothes and accessories, drinks and drugs and of course, sex.

I think that summarizes it all… Oh and that, I don’t want to read another book in the series…


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