Power Play by Tony Kent #BookReview

Georgia Kostopoulou

unnamedPower Play is a political thriller that leaves you longing for more on every single page, of every single chapter. I didn’t know what I was getting into when I picked up this book, but now I’m so captivated of Kent’s writing, that I want to read everything he’s ever written! This action packed 496 pages contemporary thriller is full of conspiracy, not just theories, and a lot of different terrifying aspects that reminds the reader of everyday reality.

When a plain explodes over the Atlantic, carrying more than 500 innocent people and the controversial US presidential candidate Dale Viktor, the whole world believes this is an act or terror. The plane initiated its journey from Heathrow airport in London, heading back to the states. Therefore, all investigation is focused on those two countries to find out what happened and who is responsible for the death of all those people. In the course of events a Muslim man confess to planting a bomb on the plane, while on both sides of the Atlantic all evidence show otherwise.

Barrister Michael Devlin in London and intelligence agent Joe Dempsey in New York follow a different course of events and a totally different trail of evidence, all of which point up to the White House and the US government. This is a dangerous game they are both playing and now they both have someone on their tail, trying to stop them from finding out the truth and what lies behind the crime vale that has been drawn over the incident. Finding out who is pulling the strings is a tough race that could cost them their lives.

The story is captivating! It was the high profile story one would expect when the US government is involved as well as a good old mystery/thriller in the lovable London! It displays in a great way all those hidden part we all suspect about power and corruption, but no one can really prove. The hidden truths and the what ifs that will be crawling around your mind, making you think that this all could be true. This whole fiction, could be not just fiction but reality. And it doesn’t involve high tech technology that doesn’t yet exist, but it involves something that exists throughout our own existence. The hunger for power, for absolute power. The corruption and the greed that leads many people forward, through dark paths, that seem so distant and unlikely to happen, until, well, until shit hits the fan and all is out there for everyone to see or anyone to find out.

I really liked Tony Kent’s writing style. He is keeping his British identity true and he is bringing it forward and on the right parts of the book. His British characters are true to themselves and you can easily spot and recognize them. They have all the characteristics that will make them stand out in a crowd full of Americans. I have enjoyed so mane good books of this genre from US authors, but I have to say that I have a sweet tooth for UK authors when it comes this!

Read it and you will thank me!

The book is coming out at the 16th of April in the UK by Elliott & Thompson and it’s more than certain that it has a great number of fans waiting for it!

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