“The Secret of the India Orchid” by Nancy Campbell Allen #BookReview

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31747191._SY475_Anthony Blake is in love with his best friend’s sister, Sophia Elliot. He is more than certain that she has feelings for him too. But his plans to court her properly are overpowered by higher forces. He has to resume his role as undercover spy for the Crown. A secret document that includes a list of the names of all the Crown’s secret spies, as well as his own has gone missing. In order to protect Sophia and his loved ones, he cuts all ties to them and resumes his cover life of the womanizer playboy.

After Anthony’s departure, Sophia is heartbroken and confused. She is now not sure if she had mistaken Anthony;s behavior of anything more than a kind and gentle friend’s. Therefore, she travels to India, hoping to find herself and peace somewhere that doesn’t remind her of him. Instead, he is exactly what she finds, as well as a mystery of a missing sea captain, a possible murder and a plot that could involve the prince of India.

This story is so much more than a romantic love story. Sophia is such a wonderful young woman. She cares about other people, especially about little children and young ladies in a way no other person would. She is clever and smart and brilliant and she seems to adapt oh so easily in any case and every scenario. She doesn’t just change her mind of what she had been thinking of Anthony over the past few years that he was away, but she slowly and steadily comes in peace with the current situation.

The story takes place entirely in India, which as the Regency times this was such a fascinating place. Princes and princesses, riding elephants and wearing colorful and vivid saris is something that if used in the right way can present a wonderful picture! And the author did a wonderful job with the descriptions of places, flowers and walks around the bazaar.

The love story was very sweet. They both had feelings and they had their reasons to be careful about how they treat each other and what the show, but one cannot really hide love, can they? They were such a beautiful couple and I really liked how they seemed so good together! Having the same way of thinking and the same beliefs!

Thank you to NetGalley for an advance copy of this book. The views expressed are my personal and honest opinion.

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About the author:

Nancy Campbell Allen is the author of fifteen published novels and numerous novellas, which span genres from contemporary romantic suspense to historical fiction.  In 2005, her work won the Utah Best of State award, and she received a Whitney Award for My Fair Gentleman.  She has presented at numerous writing conferences and events since her first book was released in 1999.  Nancy received a BS in Elementary Education from Weber State University.  She loves to read, write, travel, and research and enjoys spending time laughing with family and friends.  She is married and the mother of three children.


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