“In Case You Missed It” by Lindsey Kelk #BookReview

Georgia Kostopoulou

52227662._SY475_Contemporary romance is a genre I would either love or hate. My feelings are tested on each book, and for the record, I don’t read that many each year, because the scale favors the latter most of the times. This was not the case with Lindsey Kelk’s “In Case You Missed It” and I’m so happy for this!

Ros returns to England after spending three years in Washington DC working as a podcast producer. She is in desperate need of a new job, a place to live and some peace. All she finds is that her friends have moved on with their lives, changed their meeting place and have been all so fascinated by her living in the Sates. Her parents are going through a middle age inflaming of their love and marriage and her bedroom is actually a shed at her parents’ garden.

So she starts with baby steps. Gets herself a new phone, which the lady at the shop helped her set up with all her contacts from the cloud, and being so not great with technology, she group texts all those contacts that she is back. One of those contacts being the man that broke her heart right before she left. Funny thing is, he actually responds to her text! Her life could not turn any worse. Even so, it’s good to have a second chance in love and life!

Ros, the main character of the book is someone the reader could easily connect. She is very realistic, a person that could be your friend, someone you knew or even just you. She has had a hard time with a person she loved. Patrick was a person she really loved, or so she thought. He is a writer, a very clever person that she just loves to hear him speak. Their relationship is one that you may have been through. Love makes you blind they say. The whole world could be falling apart and you might not even notice. When you are in love, the person on the other side of your affection is the center of your world. And this is exactly what happened with Ros and Patrick. So, she was more than heartbroken when she left.

It was so easy to understand the way Ros thought about everything. Especially as the story moves forward and we get to know more details of what happened when. Her parents was a fun part of the book. To their defense, they had just had the house to themselves and they had started living a life of their own, just the two of them. The best years of their relationship after they had children! I can understand them, but I can also understand Ros and how awkward she felt. The shed at the garden was not because her parents didn’t want her back. But it was more of a way to give her her independence and at the same time, they kept their. After all, they were all grown ups and the were not used to live together.

Overall, this was a funny contemporary romance that makes a good company either at the beach or at the couch of one’s house!

Thank you to NetGalley & Harper Collins U.K. for an e-copy of this book. The views expressed are my personal and honest opinion.


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