“The Gilded Wolves” by Roshani Chokshi #BookReview

Georgia Kostopoulou


I couldn’t put this book down! It was itching me to get the book in my hands every time I put it away for some time. I needed to move on with the story. If you haven’t read it already, please do so!

It’s 1889 Paris. The city is about to host Exposition Universelle, an event that breathes new life into the streets of the French capital. People from all over the world are gathered in the city of light to witness first handed all the new inventions and magical items that are going to be put on display. Along side with the new and revolutionary, ancient secrets are coming into light and artifacts are being hunted down.

Treasure hunter and wealthy hotelier Severin Montagnet Alarie and his trusted companions are in pursue of such ancient artifacts. He has made an oath to himself, to find and acquire all the artifacts that once belonged to his family. He and his friends are working on well prepared and planned such acquisitions, because, wealthy as he might be, he doesn’t want to draw attention to himself by openly looking after these artifacts.

After the last acquisition he is contacted by the ever powerful Order of Babel. He is offered with an agreement. Help the Order with their mission and in return get his true inheritance. This is an offer he cannot easily decline, but also his team mates will get something out of it as well, so it should be a win win situation for all. That’s if they manage to stay alive…

So, here is a new favorite squad I was so glad to meet! Severin is the leader of the group, the heir to House Vanth, which no longer exists, after Severin was refused his heritage. He is half French and half Algerian, so he knows about being different. Tristan is his brother in arms, his best friend, one he knows very well and for a long time. Together they have been through some rough time. He is also an engineer. Then comes Laila who is a gorgeous Indian girl with a skill in baking and an astonishing power in her palms. The other girl of the squad is Zofia, a Jewish Polish extremely intelligent person with very little experience in interpersonal relationships. Enrique is the last to fill a spot in this squad. He is also biracial, half Spanish and half Filipino and he really want to fit in with his Filipino part. He is a brilliant historian who has a great sense of humor and a troubled heart. By the end of the book he is torn between two different persons of different sex.

When the squad meets the Order of Babel, one more person comes to add to the squad. Hypnos is the patriarch of House Nyx, a black aristocrat who loves fashion as well as boys. He has a wonderful sense of humor too and he seems to consider Severin a friend. He really wants to be part of the squad and he soon becomes acquainted with everyone.

The plot is full of magic and adventure. A number of puzzles was used throughout the story that made it all the more interesting to read. The puzzles were used to show the characters’ way of thinking as well as their ability to work as a team. There was also magic in different forms and different aspects and it felt so good to read something so different and so familiar at the same time. And that ending! This surely explained one part of the story, but it left questions on others. Thankfully the second book is already out and I’m expecting it any moment now!


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