“Path of a Novice” by R.K. Lander #BookReview

Georgia Kostopoulou


I love a good Elf story and this one was amazing! It made me feel Lord of the Rings and in genera Tolkien vibes! I totally recommend it!

This is a world of elves, human and a few more species I would not like to reveal at the moment. Fel’annár is a half blood elf. He is Silvan from his mother’s side and he is Alpine from his father’s side. Alas, he has none of them in his life. He is growing up with his aunt Amareth at the forest, the land of the Silven and he considers himself a Silven, even though he doesn’t look like one. His dream is to become a warrior, to become a Captain, so, at the right age he aims to become a Novice. On his side he has two friends and the three of them are called “The Company” for they will look after each other and will guard each other’s back. They all share the same dream, but even if they get separated during training or afterwards on their missions, they know that they will find each other again, and so they do.

On his first assignment Fel’annár is accompanied by his mentor, Lieutenant Lainon. His fellow warriors are treating him wrongly, because even if he looks like an Alpine, the tribe that rules their land, he declares himself to be a Silvan, a humble forest person and warrior. The young novice is patient with them and he does as his told, until some day his patience is rewarded. Following his mentor’s and his commanding officer’s advice and orders he learns his job and he becomes better by each passing day. But Fel’annár has a gift that doesn’t take long to reveal itself. His abilities are beyond average and he is so close to the trees that he can listen them. He is a listener.

But he is not only that. He is a son of a king and this truth has been kept from him for his own safety. Now that his reputation spreads and everyone wants to meet The Silvan, as his nickname is, this truth becomes visible to more people. Be it either powerful, or dangerous or even both. He must be protected and so must be his father and they both need to know the truth before it is too late, but at the same time not too early either.

The world building reminds me so much of middle earth and the rules by which Tolkien’s elves lived by. Only in this case we have more magic and more abilities. We even have the two tribes and the racism and differences between them, which brings more into the story. And so is the politics, the story about the main character’s parents and what caused his existence but also what made them be apart. Secrets and society rules have brought happiness and sorrow to the king, his wife and children, to Fel’annár’s mother and finally Fel’annár himself. It’s a mighty and captivating story of a gorgeous and strong elf that sets his path to fulfill his destiny. And I love it!


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