“Our Dark Duet” by Victoria Schwab #BookReview

Georgia Kostopoulou


“Are you afraid of your own shadow?”
― Victoria Schwab, Our Dark Duet

After going through “This Savage Song” I just couldn’t stay away from that Universe. I wanted to know all about what happened to the two main characters but also to Verity. And given the fact that another city was joining the game, I knew the story was going t be so much more interesting.

Kate Harper is now located in Prosperity. She is hunting monsters along with a group of people she met there, who they don’t really know who she is and who have never seen a monster in their lives. They consider her to be part of their team, a friend even, no matter how much Kate tries not to bond with them. She knows that getting too close is not really going to help her. Then something happens, something she couldn’t foresee, turns her world to pieces. A new monster, one Kate has not met before threatens both Prosperity and Verity. And Kate has to go back.

“There were two kinds of monsters, the kind that hunted the streets and the kind that lived in your head. She could fight the first, but the second was more dangerous. It was always, always, always a step ahead.”
― Victoria Schwab, Our Dark Duet

August Flynn, the Sunai that wanted to be human, holds now an important role in his father’s organization. They are trying to save as many humans as they can, because Verity is now a mine field. The Monsters are out and in charge of the other side of the city and August is there to ensure that no sinners are allowed to the safer side. He does what he was born to do. He reaps the souls of the sinners, in order to ensure no monster, real or human, threats their community.

“Mourning was its own kind of music—the sound of so many hearts, of so many breaths, of so many standing together.”
― Victoria Schwab, Our Dark Duet

Picking up a few months after the events of “This Savage Song”, “Our Dark Duet” follows both main characters, Kate and August, to their everyday life, to give us a glimpse of what they have become and what Verity has become as well. Kate is not so different to who she was at the end of the first book. She is determined to wipe monsters off the map and prevent Prosperity from becoming another Verity. Though V-City is still in her mind. When she left, she was more than certain she wouldn’t go back. Now, she’s not that certain any more.

“I am a man, not a movement,” he said. “But if a movement is what it takes to end this war, then I will play my part.”
― Victoria Schwab, Our Dark Duet

The kind and humanly August we met in the previous book is gone. Now, the burden of his duty has come to haunt him. He is not sure if the souls of those he reaps stay with him, but he can hear his brother’s voice in his mind, loud and clear. This is how he knows he is doing what is expected from him. Even though these actions are tearing him apart.

“I’m willing to walk in darkness if it keeps humans in the light.”
― Victoria Schwab, Our Dark Duet

This second installment is full of action, be it in Prosperity or in Verity. So much have changed since the last time we read about this universe. Monsters taking over half the city, new monsters far more dangerous coming up. Nowhere is safe anymore, now more than ever!

And that ending. I knew it was coming. I had to expect it. But it struck me so hard!


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