“Blood & Honey” by Shelby Mahurin #BookReview

Georgia Kostopoulou


“The world didn’t end in a scream.
It ended in a gasp.
A single, startled exhalation.
And then— Nothing.
Nothing but silence.”
― Shelby Mahurin, Blood & Honey

Many things happen in “Blood & Honey” and I’m not sure where to start! So, if you’ve already read the first book, then you all know what exactly happened and where everyone stands. If you haven’t, don’t worry, I won’t be spoiling it for you. All I have to say is that our friends have just escaped death and now have all the more enemies. They are running from everyone and have nowhere to hide. Alas, our dear witches will find a way. Don’t they always?

“Ask me no questions, mon amour , and I shall tell you no lies.”
― Shelby Mahurin, Blood & Honey

The war between men and witches is still on. The Chasseurs are doing exactly what they have been trained to do and the Dames Blanches and Dames Rouges remain exactly as we knew them from the first book. Well, the Dames Blanches are a bit more determined to find Lou and finish what they started at the end of “Serpent & Dove”. Therefore our friends are doing a lot of hiding, mostly using magic and their surroundings, and they are also trying to find out what Morgane is up to. Lou is very certain her mother plans a really huge feast for her convent, so they need to find out the what and when and where! It seems that it all leads back to Cesarine.

“What you are now is not what you’ve always been, nor is it what you always will be. You are a snake. Shed your skin if it no longer serves you. Transform into something different. Something better.”
― Shelby Mahurin, Blood & Honey

With all that in mind, and based on what happened in the first book, our characters are going through some major changes in their lives. It shows very vividly in this second installment, where we start to think if the characters we read about are the same we met in the first book. First of all, Lou and Reid’s relationship has grown over that first book and they have a very special bond now. They care deeply for each other, which sometimes leads them to some really stupid decisions.

“Hello, Chass.”
Blood roared in my ears. “Hello, wife.”
― Shelby Mahurin, Blood & Honey

Lou and her witty character is still holding the spotlight. Especially when she rushes to decisions without taking into account anyone else’s opinion. It’s her feelings that drive her, especially when it comes to Reid, but it’s also her irrational way of thinking. Or maybe it is just her witchy nature and what she is destined for. That’s her strength but it’s also her weakness. Reid on the other side really needs to embrace who he is, but I can understand that it is taking him time, based on what he’s been through in his life ever since he was a little boy. The two of them are meant for each other. They just need to open their minds and souls and listen to each other. They need to communicate, instead of believing they know what’s best for the other.

“Sometimes it hurts to remember the dead as who they were, rather than who we wanted them to be.”
― Shelby Mahurin, Blood & Honey

As far as the rest of the characters are concerned, Coco was the amazing life savior witch she always is, even though she seemed a bit out of balance. It seems that she wants a happy ever after for herself, but she doesn’t really understand where to find it. Beau on the other hand is a character that I was not very fond of in the first book. Now that I have come to know him better, he is a really good and funny guy and I like his company. And Ansel! Ansel is that pure hearted fellow that wins over everyone’s heart just for being who he is. A kind boy with a big heart!

“With an exasperated sigh, he turned his head to kiss my fingers. “You’re impossible.”
“I’m impractical, improbable, but never impossible.”
― Shelby Mahurin, Blood & Honey

And just like that, I need to say how upset I am with the last pages of the book! What Morgane did broke my heart and I hope, more than anything else, for this to be somehow undone in the next book! It was so unfair!! Also, that ending was more of what I would expect… That betrayal maybe was to be expected, I give you that. But the effect on Lou! That’s too much to handle!

“We’re natural enemies, Reid. You’ll always be a witch hunter. I’ll always be a witch. And we’ll always bring each other pain.”
― Shelby Mahurin, Blood & Honey

Yes, I know, I’m killing you with this review! Of course I need to read the next book! I just have to wait until everyone in my buddy reading group has their copy. I hope it doesn’t shutter my heart to pieces…

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