“Josh and Gemma Make a Baby” by Sarah Ready, Narrated by Erin Mallon #BookReview

Georgia Kostopoulou


I am so glad that I got to listen to this audiobook because I loved both the story and the narration!

Gemma Jacobs has a great career being responsible for the social marketing of the famous self-help guru Ian Fortune. She has idolized her boss, because he and his books have helped her during a very difficult part of her life. She used to have a happy marriage until she caught her husband cheating on her at their own house. That came after they found out that Gemma could not have children. He now has a happy family with the woman he cheated on her and their children. That has been a lot for Gemma to digest, but Ian’s quotes and books have helped her get over the whole situation. Thankfully Gemma has moved on and she is happy with her studio apartment in Manhattan, her dream job and her very supportive and loving family. As long as her mother doesn’t interfere with her love life, trying to match her with every bachelor she knows!

She is happy, but she is not full. She misses one little thing. That one that she cannot have. Which is nothing more than a baby. So she decides to have one. She makes it her New Year’s resolution.

Josh Lewenthal is a laid back, relaxed guy, the absolute opposite of Gemma. He is her brother’s best friend and someone she knows since childhood. He is a nice guy, more or less, funny, she guesses and healthy, at least from what she can understand. He is therefore a good candidate, if not the perfect sperm donor. Because yes, Gemma has decided that she needs an IVF! So, she just has to make a deal with Josh and make it all happen!

Gemma is such a relatable character! One you can clearly connect to! I may not be the self help or inspirational quote person, but Gemma is and she is doing it really good! It was pretty clear that these quotes helped her break the surface again and not stay on the bottom of the lake. She might be overthinking things, but aren’t we all when anxious? She was a pretty amazing character and I rooted for her, unlike her mother who thought she knew what her daughter needed and make all the wrong moves, criticizing her about her looks, her weight, her clothes and always trying to fix her up. I was so glad when the two of them finally had a chance to discuss honestly and her mother really heard Gemma and supported her!

Josh was also an incredible character! He was supposed to be Mr. Charmer as a teenager and that made Gemma think he’s superficial. But he was so much more and he still was a handsome man, focused on his goal. I loved his New Year’s resolution and how determined he was to achieve it!

Apart from those two, there were many side characters that really added to the story. For once, Gemma’s boss who I disliked from the very first moment. I saw that one coming, so I’m glad I didn’t like the guy! Gemma’s colleague and her new friends from the infertility support group where very likable and supportive and helped Gemma evolve as a character. She really needed that and I’m glad she actually did!

What I didn’t like was the fat shaming even though it was not so clear Gemma was overweight. It might be because the whole town, including most of her family, were total jerks shaming her for infertility, as if it was her fault, as if she was responsible her ex-husband cheated on her. On the other hand I know how small town people can be and that many people think this way. It suited the story well, because not everyone is perfect, and we all make mistakes and the important thing is that we understand that and try to make up for them.

Erin Mallon is officially one of my favourite narrators! I recognized her voice as soon as the audiobook started. I had forgotten who the narrator was until that moment. She made the experience of listening to this slow burn story even more delightful. That’s definitely one of my criteria on selecting my next audiobooks!

This book is expected to be published on January 25th 2022.

Thanks to NetGalley and Swift & Lewis Publishing, LLC for the opportunity to listen and review this audiobook. The views expressed are my personal and honest opinion.


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