“Finding Perseverance (Unexpected Love #3)” by T.E. Black

29107150Finding Perseverance” is the third book in the Unexpected Love series, yet it can be read as standalone. This one is about Ryleigh O’Donnell and Rook Wallace, Trent’s brother, known from the previous two books. The two of them were madly in love since they were teenagers. Then, ten years ago, Ryleigh sent Rook away to chase his dream and become a fighter. Rook became a champion and made a life of his own in California, but he never forgot about his true love back in Boston. A very unpleasant event, made Rook ask for help from the only person he new would not deny it, Ryleigh.

The feelings the two heroes have are very strong and they are described in a way that make the reader part of it. Rook is a big famous man, who can have all the women in the world, yet his love for this one blonde girl is marking his life. The book is mostly about fighting for love and second chances. It is about how much we can bare for those we love. How much pain can we cause to ourselves to clear the road for those we care about. It is about making a decision along with the person we love and not for them!

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