“Me Before You” by Jojo Moyes

12649718Lou Clark lives a simple life. She is working at The Buttered Bun tea shop, she has a boyfriend named Patrick, a sister and a little nephew. She is the eldest one, but she loves her sister, no matter how smart and beautiful she is. Lou loves to dress in colours, wearing clothes most people wouldn’t. But this is only because she has a good taste in clothes and can appreciate them.

Will Traynor was a successful businessman, running a company at full throttle. He used to bungee jump, climb mountains and ride his motorbike. However, after the accident he cannot do any of those things, let alone walk, feed himself, hold something in his hands. This is not life, not one that he is willing to live. He must end it as soon as possible.

The two of them meet each other when Will’s mother hires the newly jobless Lou to help WIll around and get him through the day. What no one can imagine is that love will come running onto them. Would that be enough to suspend Will’s thoughts about taking his life?

The theme here is very emotional and touching. A taboo of sort.It is about a quadriplegic and his right to chose between life and death. It is not a happy book about love and all, but it is not a depressing book either. The author attempts to shed some light in the life of those with disability. She choses one of the most severe that is allowing the person to communicate and understand everything that goes on in their lives, but cannot help themselves. These people are rarely allowed to take decisions on their own, as they always depend on someone else. Such a disability is really hard on a person; they have no control over their own life. However, it is not only their family members, or close people that behave differently. It is also their friends and acquaintances that are sceptical and don’t know what to do around them. It is the people in the streets, in a restaurant or a venue that look at them with pity and sorrow. That is a look not many people can bear.

And then there is the matter of getting control over their own life, by selecting to terminate it. Many people in situations as such cannot stand their new life. They don’t see it as life at all, as it provides no freedom. The author tries to emphasize by bringing life termination to the table. What she really wants to do though, is to turn the reader’s mind in the opposite direction. The choice to live and overcome the obstacles. The choice to not make people with disabilities feel lesser or unable. The choice to support life!


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