“Megabat” by Anna Humphrey #BookReview

36678620This is a lovely story about new beginnings and new friends!

Daniel and his family have just moved from Toronto to a new house, away from his old life and his friends. The neighbors have two children about his age, but Daniel is not keen on meeting them. He misses his old life and prefers to spend time in his room. The very first night in the new house, Daniel comes to think that the house is haunted. There is a paddle on which he slips and there is also a voice coming from somewhere in the ceiling!

It turns out that there is no ghost, in the house, just a small fruit bat that is living in Daniel’s room in the attic. The bat was taking a nap on a papaya one day on its beautiful tropic island. When he woke up, he found himself in that old house. Now he is lonely and he wants to go back home to Papaya Premium!

This funny children’s book is enjoyable to read! The story about the boy and the bat is clever enough to keep the young reader going! It talks about a big change in a child’s life and how this can affect the poor thing. At the same time it shows ways that the child can be destructed and try to make new friendships.

For example, the bat was a really good reason for Daniel to seek for help in his mission to ship Megabat back home. This is how he meets with the kids next door, even though he didn’t actually want to meet anyone new! However, the purpose was bigger than his hesitation and it help him find a new good friend, Talia!



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