“Rule of Wolves” by Leigh Bardugo #BookReview

Georgia Kostopoulou


“Only one person can unite this country and bring peace to our nations. Soldier, Summoner, and Saint.”
― Leigh Bardugo, Rule of Wolves

I really enjoyed reading “King of Scars” and now “Rule of Wolves”! It was great to follow Nikolai’s story, to see Ravka after the civil war had ended and get to see the greatness of Zoya. The two of them have been fighting for their country, from the position they have managed to get, not because they wanted to be famous or because of their vanity, oh, maybe that too, but also because they wanted to end the wars, because they wanted peace for their people, Ravkans and Grisha alike. Ravka has been through wars for so long but still they haven’t found peace. The Fjerdans are trying to hit them now that they’re still weak. Now that they still have not become one country with the West Ravka. Now that they have no money in their coffers. Though Nikolai, Ravka’s King of Scars, will not give up until he’s done all he can for Ravka. He might be a bastard, or he might be a Lantsov. But he is Ravkan and he loves his country. And he has come to love his Triumvirate more than he could ever expect.

“He feared for his country and for himself. He’d be a fool not to. But some part of him, maybe the privateer, maybe the demon, maybe the prince who had clawed his way to the throne, was itching for a fight.”
― Leigh Bardugo, Rule of Wolves

That stands also for Zoya. When Alina put her in charge of the Second Army, Zoya felt she deserved it because she was the most powerful Grisha and that everyone there, including the Triumvirate would just have to obey to her. But she has come to appreciate their opinions and to seek their company. She has come close to them, love them. The King and the Triumvirate have managed to break the walls she has been building around her heart ever since she was a child. She now has more reasons to fight for, not only for Grisha to be able to live free and not be hunted for who they are. And she will not kneel before anyone that doesn’t respect the Grisha, be that Fjerda or Shu Han. She will fight till the end.

“Go home and tell them what you’ve seen, Nikolai thought as the demon soared through the night. Make them believe you. Tell them the demon king rules Ravka now and vengeance is coming.”
― Leigh Bardugo, Rule of Wolves

These are only two of the views we have in Rule of Wolves! Leigh Bardugo has overdone it with the different views we get in this book. Not that I’m complaining, as if we didn’t have Mayu’s point of view, we would be missing a lot in the Shu Han part. Though I didn’t expect to have Queen Makhi having the opening chapter! There are also Nina’s chapters which contributed so much to the plot with the intelligence she was able to provide to Ravka from the heart of Fjerda. I’m not really sure how I feel about the turn her story got. Matthias will always be in my heart. He was an extraordinary person, even for a druskelle! And there was another point of view, the monk’s view, which was there, as finally I understand for two reasons. One was to add to the glory of a certain person at a time no one expected and the second was for that final act. which of course I’m not going to say what that is! No spoilers!!!

“Some people were built for love and some were built for war. One did not lend itself to the other.”
― Leigh Bardugo, Rule of Wolves

We get to see more characters than we ever expected in this book. All our favourite characters from the previous books, those that still exist of course, get an appearance in this one. I’m not sure why Bardugo did this, if it was a tribute to all her characters that were loved by the Grishaverse fans or if it was related to her experience with the Netflix series. One thing is for sure. We could have done with a few less of those characters. This was supposed to be Nikolai’s duology but it certainly doesn’t feel like this. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed reading the book, both books actually, but as I started to get the hints that we would get a chance to see at least some of the Dregs, I wasn’t so happy. I loved “Six of Crows” and the whole gang, but this was bout Nikolai and Zoya and it felt that I got more of everyone else than those two.

“There was nothing else to do but keep moving forward. You chose your path. You walked it. You hoped to find a way home again.”
― Leigh Bardugo, Rule of Wolves

That being said, I have to say that Leigh Bardugo really knows how to build up some suspense and expectations. We had to wait until page 498 for Zoya to get over her insecurity and achieve greatness! But when she did, she was magnificent!

“Let the hounds give chase. I do not fear death, because I command it.”
― Leigh Bardugo, Rule of Wolves


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