“Ascendant” by Michael R. Miller, Narrated by Peter Kenny #BookReview

Georgia Kostopoulou


“Ascendant” by Michael R. Miller is one of the best dragon books out there and if you still haven’t read it, I suggest you do so immediately!

As soon as the story started unfolding, I fell in love with it! A young boy, a servant that is, destined to be in the kitchens or serving in the Order Hall of the Crag, following his family’s occupation through the ages, makes his own destiny and becomes one of those he always admired. A dragon rider!

Holt Cook was always looking up to the powerful dragon riders and the beautiful magical dragons. He never expected to find himself so close to one of them, until he actually did. That day he was serving the dragon that was inspecting all the new dragon eggs, deciding which would get to hatch, and which wouldn’t. Holt, like everyone else in the kingdom, apart from the dragon riders, had no idea about this hatching selection. He thought all eggs were allowed to hatch. But you see, dragons, powerful and magical creatures as they are, do not tolerate weakness. So, using their magic they inspect all eggs and if they find a flaw, that egg is destroyed. When Holt himself is requested to destroy such an egg, he cannot find the heart to do it. He saves the egg instead and hides it away, until he is able to let it go free in the wilderness. But before he manages to do so, the egg hatches and a blind dragon rises. Holt is determined to save the dragon, no matter what and the two of them create a bond stronger than anything else.

“If you love with your eyes, death is forever. If you love with your heart, there is no such thing as parting.”
― Michael R. Miller, Ascendant

Danger is near though. The dragons and their riders are the ones fighting the Scourge, undead hordes that roam the land spreading the blight and bringing darkness and destruction on their path. But that’s not all Holt and his dragon have to face. They need to survive as everyone else, but they have to do it as the Order is betrayed and dragon riders are slaughtered.

I loved how the story evolved and the dynamics between the characters, people and dragons alike! I loved the bond between dragons and riders, as well as the friendship and respect that built up during an unexpected journey the main characters were forced to make. There are so many positive messages in the book.

“My eyes for your eyes.
Your skin for my skin.
My world for your world.”
― Michael R. Miller, Ascendant

The narrator really added to the whole experience, by differentiating the tones on every human as well as every dragon. I actually liked the sound of the dragon voice. It couldn’t be human like so I really appreciated that the narrator made the effort to colour his voice differently.

Thanks to NetGalley and Books Fluent for the opportunity to listen and review this audiobook. The views expressed are my personal and honest opinion.


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