“The Good Girl’s Guide to Rakes” by Eva Leigh, Narrated by Zara Hampton-Brown #BookReview

Georgia Kostopoulou


Who doesn’t like a good historical romance, with a fair amount of spicy scenes, of really spicy scenes, like the ones we get on contemporary romances? Well, if you like historical romances and you like spicy books, you’ll definitely like this one!

Kieran Ransome is the epitome of a rake. He, his brother and their best friend are living the life they always wanted. Up until the time they do something that cannot be forgiven. At this point they all get an ultimatum. Find a respectable bride and get married, or be left without any income, without any inheritance! The decision is easy and difficult at the same time, but every man needs to do his part, so Kieran decides to request the help of his best friend’s sister. He believes that, if he is seen in the company of a respectable lady, he will be considered a respectable gentleman as well! Celest is his best chance to win this.

Celeste Kilburn is a respectable young lady, one the society loves and wishes to be close to. However, since her family was not born into wealth, she has to not only keep the appearances of a society darling, but she needs to follow her father’s wishes and ensure their name is not connected to any kind of scandal. She is the one that can provide her family access to the high society of London. And what’s a better way to do it, than through a marriage? She doesn’t really have a saying on this matter, don’t forget it’s the 18th century or something. She doesn’t have power over her body or needs now, and she won’t have such power after she’s married. Especially after, since she will have to keep her husband’s reputation clean, not only hers. But she longs of that power, she needs to feel free, even if it will be for a very short time. So, when Kieran comes to her with his proposal, she has her own terms for this deal between them.

She will kind of introduce him to the society as a respectable gentleman, by having him escorting her to proper events like garden parties and room recitals, and he will introduce her to the night’s adventures.

I really liked how these two were trying to make the best of their deal. Kieran was really trying, even though he realized that he liked more the time he spent with Celest, than the young ladies he was getting to meet because of her, which was his actual goal. Celest had accepted her fate, but she tried to get a taste of freedom, as short lived as it was going to be. And through that, she lost her heart to a rake, one she was helping to get a wife!

This book takes a step further into the historical romance amount of spice. I mean, we are all aware of where the story leads when we are reading a historical romance, but usually we expect a slow burn with not so much spice. Well, this one was loaded! The night adventures the two of them had, started with game and gambling, only to end with a super hot smut scene.

I really enjoyed listening to the audiobook version of this and I would like to get to the other two books in the series!

Thanks to NetGalley and HarperCollins UK Audio, Mills & Boon for the opportunity to listen and review this audiobook. The views expressed are my personal and honest opinion.


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