“Secured Heart” by Measha Stone

25124905Kelly is a chemistry teacher. She lives a quiet life, meeting her friends every Friday night, looking for the one and only, the man she will take as husband and have kids with. She was a lone child with busy parents and that is not what she is looking for. Despite her thorough search, she is intimidated by another form of love, not the one displayed in romantic novels. She decides to just go with the flow, while the chance is there.

Kendrick is a man of authority. An ex-cop that runs now his own security company. He is a natural protector and he cannot deny it. When he founds Kelly in a difficult situation, he will step in to make sure she is safe. He is not out there, looking for something, yet when she captures his eyes in her gaze, he is hooked for good.

This is a love story between two adults, even though one of them may behave a little childish, disregarding basic things like safety and all. It is a story about affection and trust. The two main characters found each other, while not exactly searching, but they instantly have feelings for one another, even if they don’t really accept or recognize them right from the start. It is a faced paced romance, with a little of suspense closer to the end. It is about relationships and doing whatever possible for the person that holds one’s heart.

A little rough around the edges, but still an enjoyable read!


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