“The Ashes” by Vincent Zandri – #BookReview

32614114WOW!! That is one horror, thriller, whatever you want to name it crazy great book! All you horror freaks are down for it, that’s true!

This is the second story in “The Rebecca Underhill Trilogy”. The story develops eight years after Rebecca’s abduction ended over an abandoned wooden house, not very far from the house she sent her childhood. Even though, her abductor, Joseph William Whalen, is dead and gone, her life is not going into peace. She has to think of her only son and the daughter of her friend Robyn, Molly. I turns out the two children can see the boogeyman out in the cornfield, so something is up.

The plot is amazingly good, as the author starts the narration of the story by telling the reader about an escape an old honest detective reads about. So the scene is set for what is to follow. Then he continues by introducing the two artists, single mother friends. He describes enough so the reader can understand their way of living, their history and their current story, without becoming tiring. This is also a very good reason that the book can be read as stand alone and can be fully understood and followed up.

The writing is keeping up with the suspense and it creates the horror type of atmosphere that one would expect of such a book. The creepiness is there to remind the reader of the true nature of the villain. Don’t fall for this guy, unless you have serious psychiatric issues to deal with…

It is a true horror thriller like book, no question about that. The scenes are visualized in the reader’s mind as if watching a movie. It is all about action and suspense and going through the good stuff that can clearly evolve to a good old nightmare, given a vivid imagination.


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