“The Vixen’s Lead” by Tate James

The Vixen’s Lead
Tate James
(Kit Davenport, #1)
Publication date: September 19th 2017
Genres: New Adult, Paranormal, Romance

I want vengeance so badly that I can almost taste it. It’s all I’ve ever wanted. So, I did what any privileged, adopted boarding school girl would do. I slapped on a secret identity and became an internationally renowned thief, known as The Fox. Nobody knows me. Nobody can catch me.

Or so I thought…

It turns out; I have what they want. Special abilities. And trust me, these abilities are coveted–and dangerous. Now, I don’t know who to trust or where to go. Peril lurks on every corner as I try to uncover my past and origin. Teaming up with unlikely allies may be my only chance at survival or my biggest mistake. Only time will tell.

I’m Kit Davenport and this is only the beginning.

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“Well,” he whispered, his warm breath fanning across my mouth, “if it will help, it seems rude not to try. Don’t you agree… love?” As he purred the endearment, I lost my tenuous hold on dignity and closed the distance between us. River rewarded my choice with a low growl as his mouth closed over mine.

He snaked a hand up to grasp my hair, gripping firmly and controlling my head as he teased my lips apart and delved in, exploring my mouth with a confidence that made my knees shake. His solid body pushed against me until we were flat on his bed, and I hiked my knee up to brace against his waist. Taking advantage of the space created, he moved his hips in line with mine and coaxed a breathy moan from me as his hard length rubbed me through our clothing. Drunk on the smell of pine and the taste of his lips, I touched his face then hissed at the sharp pain in my hand.

He pulled back and studied me and then my hand. “Well, that won’t do now, will it?” he murmured as his hot mouth descended to my neck. With a smooth motion, he encircled my good wrist and brought it above my head where he pressed it firmly to the comforter. Then he raised my bad hand to join it.

“These,” he said as he tapped my unhurt palm lightly, “are not to move from here. Am I understood?”

“Uh-huh.” Willing to agree to anything right now, I groaned. He paused, pulling back from my sensitive throat and looking me sternly in the eye.

“I don’t think I heard you correctly. I said, am I understood?” He quirked an eyebrow, and his gaze was a metallic inferno. I fought a grin, trying to give him my best serious expression. Such a control freak.
“Understood, Sir.” I exhaled the obedience, and he made an animalistic growl, roughly pushing up my tank top and deftly flicking open my front clasped bra.

Author Bio:

Tate James was born and raised in the Land of the Long White Cloud (New Zealand) but now lives in Australia with her husband, baby and furbaby.
She is a lover of books, red wine, cats and coffee and is not a morning person. She is a bit too sarcastic and swears too much for polite society and definitely tells too many dirty jokes.

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