“Night of the Dragon” by Julie Kagawa #BookReview

Georgia Kostopoulou


Can I please have some more?

The Empire of Iwagoto was a magical place that I have come to appreciate and like. It felt like a second home while I have been reading the series. The different clans, the Emperor, the fellowship that travelled throughout the Empire on their sacred mission. This is the last stop of their journey and what one could only think that was expected to be found here, that is action and battles and painful moments, it is actually found.

“Maybe in a different form, under a different name, but in some small way, our souls will always recognize each other.”
― Julie Kagawa, Night of the Dragon

“Soul of the Sword” had an ending that meant that hell was about to break loose in the third book. I’m sure I was not the only one expecting this! Well, Julie Kagawa delivered! All the battles and the creatures we have come across in the previous two books, as here in this last book, only that they are multiplied by a thousand! I don’t want to spoil anything to you guys, but, if you have already read the previous two books, then you have a pretty good idea were we’re heading in this one.

“So, it’s the old kick down the door and slaughter anything that moves approach, after all, is it? Seems to be our favorite.”
― Julie Kagawa, Night of the Dragon

The quest continues, but now the mission is different. The Night of the Dragon approaches and there are so many to be done till then. Our friends need to ensure that balance is kept in their world, but they find more and more obstacles throughout their path. The bond they have and their faith to the young kitsune and the greater cause is the glue that keeps them together when everything around them seems to fall apart! Another bond that really grows in this last instalment is the bond between Yumeko and Kage Tatsumi. This was what we have been looking for since the first book, when the seed was first planted. Throughout the three books, that seed grew and blossomed and became a beautiful flower!

“He gazed down at me, his eyes softer than I’d ever seen before. “My life is yours,” he said simply, his voice barely above a murmur.”
― Julie Kagawa, Night of the Dragon

I love the mythology part in the whole series, and this last book especially. The creatures we get to see, both evil and kind are amazing. It’s a tribute to Japan and the Japanese lore. We read about terrifying sea monsters, flying demons, wheel shaped demons, forests gods and spirits. Oni no Mikoto was nothing compared to that. Even Yaburama, the great oni, was nothing with respect to what the company faces in this last book.

“A pair of glowing spheres rose from each of the bodies on the ground, pulsing softly as they drifted into the air. As Suki watched, the two globes of light climbed steadily into the sky, circling each other in a graceful, almost excited dance, and floated away toward the clouds.”
― Julie Kagawa, Night of the Dragon

The ending was magnificent! Well, it took a while to get to the final ending to be honest, but this was only because the story was more complex than what we expected. Those final battles were a piece of art. I truly admired the display of kitsune magic while reading. It was not until the final page that I thought “this is how it should be”.


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