“Son of a Duke” by Jessie Clever

S23478244ociety’s most capable housekeeper, the infallible Miss Eleanora Quinton, has a problem. Not only does a dead body fall right into the middle of her mistress’s ball and her son gets kidnapped, the only person who can help her also forces her to face her most crippling fears.

The heroin is a woman that has suffered a lot, away from her family, serving her aunt’s family and now a house in London for more than 10 years now. She is known to the house and her maids as strict and infallible and she is treated with respect. Turns out she is known to her mistress’s peers.

The story starts with a murder during a ball. A mystery kind of book that evolves to a historical romance. The beginning is very promising and the reader expects to find a really good plot and a couple of twists just around the corner. As a matter of fact, the story line is a good one, even though one would not expect that housekeepers get noticed by the peerage, but yet again, this is fiction we are talking about. It could continue really good and turn to a very interesting book, if it wasn’t written in a hurry… At least this is what sums up.

It is an easy read. The hero, Nathan, is a real hero in the book and is described as that. He is displayed to be thoughtful and caring, apart from being a spy and a brave man. His actions are up to the formed character. The heroine, Nora, is a woman that rarely smiles. She is running her staff on a firm hand. Somehow, these two fell in love quickly enough to get married in-spite of the common logic.

The story evolves surprisingly fast. All obstacles come clear miraculously. There should be some more development on the action/spy scenes. They would provide that special touch to make the book something more than a purely love story. There is room for improving and addressing a wider audience. Yet again, this is up to the author to take into account.

The book was provided as a prize of the “Big Summer Reading Giveaway” hosted by the author.


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