“Make me stay” by Rebecca Brooks

30169610Samantha Kane, Sam, is  the CEO of a huge business that has the money and the means to transform a whole mountain and the surroundings to an attractive luxurious resort. She is just about to, but she is held behind by a man that refuses to sell half his property to the company, Mr. Reed.So she decides to get over there her own, as her colleagues and employees have not managed to change his mind.

Austin, Mr. Reed, is working as ski patrol and coach at Gold Mountain. It’s been a while since he was the fastest skier in US Olympic team, but after his injury, he could no longer ski. He has found peace in the mountain’s breathtaking environment and he is not willing to let go of what he owns, so that a monstrosity is build in his back yard.

When the two of them meet in the snowy mountain, the attraction strikes them as lightning. At first, they have no idea who each other is, but this changes soon for Sam, who decides to keep her anonymity and study Austin. It begins clearly professional, but it ends up really personal.

The love story moves rapidly as if they both are in great need of someone that loves them. Even though in their minds they believe that this is only a one-night stand, or at least something bound to end as soon as Sam leaves the mountain, they behave as if they are looking on a long term relationship. We see the sensitive sides of both main characters, but it is way too fast to get that emotional and attached. Yet again, this is not real life, so such rationals are allowed!

The writing style was decent and easy to go by, making it an enjoyable read.

ARC received courtesy of Entangled Publishing via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.

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